Can you be too light?

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Mar 14, 2008
Can you be too light? - FIXED!!!!

My Toyota diesel is driving me nuts.

I have a B engine in a Series 2 land rover and I have a surging/jerking in 1 st and 2nd on light throttle. 3 and 4 th not as noticeable but still there.

I have covered all the usual items, new primer pump, new fuel filter, diaghram, rebuilt injectors no change. Had a rebuilt injector pump as a spare installed it - no change.

Removed front drive shaft still there, removed rear shaft still there.

The Land Rover has 4.75 rear ends, I am running 7:00-16 tires at just under 30" high.

The Land Rover weighs 3,500 lbs,

The surging is like a governer surging on a stationary engine.

Can this combination of gears and torque be to light causing the surging?

No surging at idle, no surging at 1/2 thru full throttle. The only thing I can think to do is either increase the spring pressure or decrease the spring pressure on the diaghram.

Any thoughts? Any help would be most appreciated.

Thx Jim Y

Finally fixed.

After trying everything I ended up changing the throttle linkage from the old Land Rover multi-link set-up to a cable and pedal asesmbly from a Toyota p/u with a 4 cyl engine.

It seems that the Toyota diesel motor is very sensitive to the foot pedal dynamics.

A big thank-you to everyone who came thru with any suggestions.

Thx Jim
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I would look at the IP pump lines to the butterfly. Make sure they look healthy and crack free. They control the governor.

Also do a running bleed for air on the engine. Crack the injector lines one at a time to ensure no air is present. 1/4 crack normally does it. Right at the injector b nut. Keep a rag there to collect the fuel. It isn't too bad how much leaks off. Might be trapped air causing you the issues.

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