Can someone ID this part

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Feb 25, 2019
Midland, TX
87 FJ60. This is attached to the AC just under the glove box. I thought it was the resistor for the blower motor, but it doesn’t look like a resistor to me.

I’m looking at this because I get no air movement.

I have tested the blower motor straight to a battery and it does operate, but it won’t do anything when controlled via the controls. Have tried two different relays, both click, but still no air.

Where is the actual blower motor resistor? I’m thinking my next move is to replace the resistor and maybe go ahead and replace the blower motor just for the hell of it.

Hoping to get the AC figured out and then tackle the lack of taillights/brake lights. Electrical gremlins...

That's the AC Amplifier. Controls how the compressor cycles.

Blower Resistor is located side of Air Plenum and may be your issue:

That is the Ac Amplifier. It controls when to turn the compressor on and off and uses refrigerant temperature, engine speed and other inputs to do its job. I don’t think this device would prevent the fan from working.
That all makes sense. Hard to search something I had no idea what it was. Thanks you much.

got the resistor found and taken out. Going to pick up a new one tomorrow. Hopefully that takes care of it. It’s 105 here today and has been most of the summer. That makes driving the cruiser a bummer to say the least.
Did you check your heater circuit breaker? It is a silver thing mounted in the fuse box. It has a circular cross section about the size of a dime-face with a hole in the center. You can reset it by pushing through the hole with a wire or very small screwdriver.
I’ll try that if the new resistor doesn’t fix it.
I just already had the resistor out before the suggestion to reset the circuit breaker. Which now that I think about it is probably all that it is now that I have replaced just about everything else.

I do love this forum.
Have to get my daughter to bed before I can go mess with it again this evening.
Well... None of that worked. Still just a click at the relay and a whole lot of nothing. Any other ideas?
Even if the resistor is bad, the fan will still work on max speed.

When you tested the blower motor direct to battery was it installed in the truck or on the bench? Just wondering if the squirrel cage is bound up in the hvac housing?
It was out on the bench when I tested it. The motor is about the only other thing to test/replace other than the wiring in between the relay and the motor itself.

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