Can somebody help take flares off?

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Mar 28, 2003
I want to take off my flares but when I started I couldn't figure it out. There are screws at the bottom, next up is a white plug that pulls out, but then there seems to be a slide-on pin and there's another one in the front. I don't want to force it [after I tried once and heard something break... ahem]
How do you get the durn things off?

The Wulf uses largish rocks :tear:

There are several bolts that are connected to the flare and run through the fender. You have to get at those from inside the engine bay or rear quarters depending on which flares. I can't remember how many bolts, but it is a few. Once all the nuts are off the bolts slide freely and the little poppy thing wil come with just a little tug.

BTW, the poppy things are expensive for what they are. Not that I have any experience though. :dunno:
Its definately a pain. I'm not sure if the 96 differs from my 94 but if I recall correctly the front flares are attached with one snap in type clip located towards the door, one screw under the bumper and 3 bolts. The bolts are accessable under the hood, behind the sheet metal inside the fenders.  I had to move my battery tray and fusebox to access the driver side flare, and the airbox, intake tube and charcoal filter thingy (clearly the technical term) to access the passenger side.  I think they're each spaced about 8 inches apart.  You've got to be a bit of a contortionist to get in there with a wrench, but its not too bad once you've felt around and located them.

The rear flares are straight forward enough, but be careful to raise them after releasing all the bolts.  I made the mistake of pulling and snapped off the clips.

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