Can oil pan hold engine weight on ground?

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Nov 1, 2007
Dallas, TX
I have my engine, tranny, and xfer on a hoist currently. I would like to have access to hoist to move axles and to be able to move it for space. I saw a post of Noah's FJ55 engine laying on its oil pan with all the same parts still attached. Was that just a very temporary situation or is it ok to rest it on oil pan and xfer. I have sold the engine and would hate for it to crush the pan before the guy comes to pick it up from me. Thought about cutting a 2x6 with a arch to put under similar to old engine mounts.
Any thoughts on damage to oil pan on ground.


You can set your engine down on the oil pan, it wont crush it.
Drop it on a loose tire. It will be less likely to tip over.
Seen that done too. Don't have one but could easily pick one up at a service station for cheap.

thanks both of you
Get an old tire without the rim to set it in. It will help distribute the weight better and will stabilize it a bit.
Although the pan will take the weight I did that once and the pan sprung a leak - then again better to know it's weak and rusted than find out after a rebuild.
Although the pan will take the weight I did that once and the pan sprung a leak - then again better to know it's weak and rusted than find out after a rebuild.
Have to agree, good chance the pan flange will be spread, requiring rework in order to properly reinstall. I built a cradle for it out of 2" X 6" s'. Might aid in transport also. So, decided to go Chevy small-block?
Yea. Like everyone else, the farther into this I get the more things come off, and this is what I ended up with. A bare frame. When I bought it as a "winter project" the bug hadn't bit me yet. As the cost keeps going up and I decide to replace this and that instead of patching it, the crate won. Although you did have me swinging back to let her run till she dies then do it, with (hopefully) med school in the spring, I couldn't take a chance on it dieing on me and having that stress while in school for the next three years. So get it all done now (have till next may (09) before classes start to get the money rounded up and git er dun.
I have decided to paint her myself, just can't decide on gun or roller method. Have been reading those threads for the last few weeks and I figure out how to battle the rust and which primers and paint to use. i have been thinking of starting my build thread since I do have a "deadline" but the posts would be more questions than progress and I know how everyone on here likes the progress pics. :beer:
pss rsbcruiser, I like that contraption you built, and spare lumber I do have...
Lulu; just a bit of thought on the topic :hmm:seems like a CSB conversion always ends up a lot more costly than just a rebuild on the original F or 2F, and a lot of people get discouraged after pouring more and more money down that pit....when done properly it is a lovely conversion but for every succesfull one I see; I also see about 5-6 or more failures; right now have inherited two failed CSB conversions that were going to go to the crusher; I did not need more projects but could not bare to see them sold for thier weight in scrap iron....... each owner had poured thousands of $ not counting their time into them and after 2-3 years just gave up!.....there are some awesome conversions on this forum but you can also see many for sale in the classifieds where the owners are selling halfway completed conversions after spending a ton of money...the conversion is not to be attempted to save money..IMO, it is a lot more practical and less expensive to just rebuild and get back on the road..saves a lot of time 0.02:steer:

P.S. 1st year med school won't leave time to eat much less get any sleep or wrenching....eldest got her M.D. and I was concerned about her sleep deprivation!
you know I went to that process awhile back. sbc or rebuild 2F. I tell you it is not an easy decision. I finally went and rebuilt a friends 2F and when done pulled out my 2F and put in a rebuilt one. I am happy I did, but still sbc would also have been sweet.
I don't want it to sound like I am taking public transit while working on this I have a DD. And I did consider the rebuild, but to tell the truth the SBC was the plan from the get go, I just almost got talked out of it. I am enjoying every minute if this process except maybe today when I couldn't get the darn screws that hold the headlight backers off the bonnet. I'm about to take the grinder to them and drill them out.
I think I have decided to get a sandblaster and do it myself since I will be doing the frame, axles, and body not just the frame. Non of this really is for saving $$$. I think as I have gotten older I have developed ADHD of sorts. Need to have something going on. Its a sickness, I know.

Thanks for every ones input.


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