can I put sequoia front rotors on a 40

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Nov 27, 2016
No they will not bolt on and function.

Why don't you do your own leg work and tell us what they would take to fit? Just off the top of my head the rotors would need to clear the hubs/knuckles (assuming the depth of the rotors and diameter fits the hub) and the calipers would need an adapter made to compensate for the size difference and offset.

Not sure why you need more braking power, you'll lock the wheels up and skid which is counter-intuitive to braking without ABS. I can use the factory brake system and I can (and have) lock up 35s at there's that piece of info for ya.

If you need more braking have to work on the brakes unless your truck has a big diesel swap, 37s, lots of steel, winches and towing something, which if that was the case....we wouldn't be having this conversation.

See below for details - Sequoia and Tundra are essentially the same.

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Jun 17, 2005
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@alberta mac

If your looking to go bigger in order to increase front bias the one to go with is a 4Runner caliper … recommended by mark w and fj40jim … would just need a lil grinding in the outside of the caliper to fit on 15” rims

Great up grade as I hear for if you go 4 wheel disc

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Apr 2, 2008
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In my opinion once you install rear disc brakes with the combination of stock disc's up front the braking is quite good as long as the bias is dialed in and equipped with a adequate booster.
Throw in an 80 series booster and master and you'll have all the braking power you'd ever want... perhaps more.

With 4 wheel disc brakes, 33x10.50 tires, and an 80 booster & master, I can lock up all 4 tires on dry pavement with a two finger jab on the brake pedal. I don't find the brakes grabby or prone to locking, but they take next to no effort to stop my 4700 pound rig. I've read that some 40 owners even find thy are too powerful in their 40s... but I am very happy with them.

I feel, wet or dry, I'll never again find myself standing on the brake pedal with two feet, and pulling on the steering wheel trying desperately to slow my rigs decent down a very steep grade after a water crossing. Back when I had four wheel drum brakes, 20+ years ago, I remember such a descent... for about 35 feet down a very steep hill all I could do was try to keep it from accelerating, and steer. It was as though the hill was packed snow (as far as braking was concerned ). Even though it was more than 20 years ago, I still remember that decent very clearly... fortunately it was a straight trail, and there was nothing in front of me. 225+ pounds on the brake pedal could only limit how fast it was accelerating. :eek:


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4 lo really helps with slowing descents.

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May 21, 2009
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Thanks for the replies, I thought I would post to see if someone already went down this road. So I have a sequoia with a body thats toast and my not finished the fj45. The plan would be to put the 4.7 sequoia into it with a 4 runner 5speed and as the 45 would be for work and towing a trailer vehicle trailer then upgrading the brakes would and using the brake booster. I have a 60 series power steering I can put in or use the sequoia power steering. ( not sure what is best but I know others have done a 60 steering swap )
Before I get in and start ripping things apart and comparing measurements I thought my first inquired would be here, then plan on what job comes first on the 45. The 45 would be a dd but trail worthy and have the power to haul trailers like a work truck.

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