can i go front bumperless for a few days?

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Oct 2, 2003
Hi. Post #1 here, so a big :flipoff2: before I get one. :D

I have an ARB for my 97 80 ($12k w/ lockers thanks to Junk's neighbor :D). Question is, I need to install in this a little at a time. I'm in the middle of a heavy workload and can't spend more than like 30 mins at a time at night before I get yelled at for making racket.

A. Can I run with no front bumper for a few days before I put the ARB on? It would be about 2-3 days without much driving except in town.

B. Where does everyone mount the selenoid for the Wan M12,000? Does it just hoseclamp to the motor of the winch?

Thank you.
Ditto for California, although my father-inlaw has driven his van for years without a rear bumper. ??? ???
For the solenoid, I hoseclamped mine on the winch motor. It was a bloody tight fit, but it will go.
Remember, laws are made to be broken, and signs are only suggestions. :D
I drove around sunny S. Cal for about 2 weeks waiting for my ARB. The soccer mom who hit me did a pretty good number on the brackets and I had the lower valance out to be painted. Never got pulled over but people sure as hell got out of the way when they saw those frame horns in their rear-views!
Thanks. Don't care about no laws 8)

Only concern is that do I risk throwing the frame out of adjustment like I would when I hack out the rear? \

What do you think of my deal? 12k for a 97 w/ lockers? ;)
The price sounds very fair, especially 'cuz they were almost 50k new. :rolleyes:

If that tinny bumper is holding yer frame in alignment, 12k was too much moola. :slap:
The full answer won't do harm.

The rear is the crossmember...the same is up front, but more toward the radiator (creating the horns).

No worries, just don't hit anyone or you will get em stuck on your truck (ewww volvo juice!) :cheers:
i mounted the control box similarly to the top drivers side of the winch where there is a threaded bolt hole. I added a 1/4" aluminum spacer between for proper clearance. With the hose clamps you can't get it mounted level. I did have to make new cables that run to the motor.

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