Can anything compare to 1-hdt 80?

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Sep 15, 2010
Hey there I couldn’t figure out a better spot to post this so I hope it’s alright here.
I have a LHD, five speed manual, 1-hdt powered 97 80 series. It’s the perfect vehicle.
However it’s also 20 years old and sometimes I think about getting something a little more modern and refined.
I thought I’d ask you guys about going from an 80 to something like a 2013 BMW X5 diesel, or a 2012 Cummins ram?
My 80 is pretty great and it’s really reliable, fun to drive, and handy pulling trees and doing farm type work.
Has anyone else made the jump from 80 to one of these more modern diesels and felt good about their decision?

There's newer/better diesel engines, yes. But there's nothing quite like an 80, not even the newer Land Cruiser models IMO.
I thought I’d ask you guys about going from an 80 to something like a 2013 BMW X5 diesel, or a 2012 Cummins ram?

You will rue the day you sold the Toyota. :bang:
Its often hard to see how good something is until you lose it. The BMW is probably more nimble and nicer in traffic and the Ram is probably better at pulling out tree stumps. But the Landcruiser has a foot in both camps.
I’m the guy who thinks 90’s technology is the tits. The engines aren’t refined like the standards of today and the electronics aren’t running the vehicle. I can work on mechanical things. 20 years from now will tell us if the modern vehicle will last as long as stuff from the 90’s.
It is a treat to drive my wife’s 4Runner but overall I rather drive my vehicles.
The 80 is the tip of the bell curve for Toyota 4wd

Yep. By leaving the 1HD-FTE out of the live axle 105s, they started on the downward slide.
Yeah I’ve been pretty happy with the truck, it’s probably the most fun vehicle I’ve ever owned. Super tough and utilitarian too. I had a gas 80 before this and the five speed diesel combo is just more fun. I can skid logs and drag stuff around like it’s nothing.
i’d say my 1hdt powered fj62 would compare. :). i know it’s not the answer you’re going for but i’d agree with what’s been said about this generation of engine. that is if you like and can do the work yourself. if not mechanic fees are mechanic fees and you’d likely have less with a newer vehicle. i haven’t found a newer one that makes me smile quite the same while i’m driving it though.
I think you are going to get a very biased opinion here to stick with the Cruiser, for good reason.

Go to a Ram fanboy site, and you know what they will say. Same thing for the Beamer folks.

That being said, if i could ever afford a G500 4x4^2, it would be goodbye cruiser.
I'd say in terms of new vehicles, the Toyota VDJ76 Wagon, or a MB G300 CDI Wagon would be as close as you can get. (Wagon with solid front axle and diesel engine). Both not available in North America of course.... :( I suppose they'll be an option in 15/25 years (Canada/US).
it's funny. All my ram buddies never say they drive a dodge, they say they drive a cummins.
Yup same here. All their Dodges or Ram Trucks are falling apart around the engine.
in the process ( thoughts .. all thoughts ) of upgrading my HDJ80 .. Tundra ..? Ford F-250 ( 350 ) ..? ( they are more comfy than any RAM I've tested )

But lucky me I will have access to a brand new VDJ76 when the time comes ..
I think I just puked in my mouth a little! :slap:
LOL! Well, my buddy recent purchased a 200 (he has at least one of each generation) and I can tell you I feel like Fred Flintstone driving that after getting out of my HDJ-81. Worlds apart. The 200 is sooo quiet and comfortable.
if you can get $15k for your can add $15k to that and find yourself a nice 15yr newer LC200.

No brainer to jump 15years newer for $15k. 380hp will tow a bunch more than the hdj80 and pull stumps alot better all the while living in the lap of bmw-like luxury.

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