Can anyone tell me how to program this key fob? 93' JDM FZJ80

Sep 27, 2020
Pensacola Fl
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The fob was working but I replaced the battery and it is working but seems like it became un-programed from the car. The car is a japanese import so I'm hoping some of you guys on here can recognize the fob.


Jul 23, 2008
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I am having similar troubles with mine, Import 1hdt.

The fob works but the reciever quit, guess I need to search for the reciever

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Let me know what you discover about your fob system. I just picked up my JDM 80 series a couple weeks ago and have exactly the same fob as in your photo. Mine is fully functional at the moment, but it's always good to know what I've got. I don't even know whether mine is aftermarket or OEM as there are no identifying markings.

Any clue what the middle lightning bolt symbol does? I pushed mine - also tried holding it down for a few seconds - and all it did was make my lights start blinking. I assumed it was a start button... maybe there's a Tecmo Bowl sequence of buttons I'm supposed to use to get it to do something fancy.

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