Can anyone recommend good quality Aftermarket Spider and Side gears for 1973 FJ40?

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Nov 19, 2020
I need to replace an EZ Locker that was installed in my 1973 FJ40. Should I replace with OEM or is there a good quality aftermarket setup of Spider gears, shaft and side gears?
Not sure about after market gears.
I would post in the classified section a wanted ad for a set of front spider gears. They would likely have less wear on them. A lot have pulled those gears to install lockers.
Be sure you have the thrust washers for both the spider and side gears. Installed the Lock-right lockers in my 68 back in the nineties and know the spider gear thrust washers were removed. Can't remember the If side gear thrust washers were as well.
I probably have a set of spider gears sitting around if you want to just pay for shipping I could dig them out

Yup, I got a trailspares box, these are sitting at the bottom of it, been lugging them around for years.
Free if you pick up...

Of course. Also remind me of all that you're needing. I'll go dig that stuff out of the trail box again
I recall my '74 came with course spline birfs but fine spline diffs. If yours is same i got this

Or you could look at them
Or wait for someone to say something like "course diffs ended in '68" or something like that.

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