Can anyone recommend a powder coating shop in Austin or Houston

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Apr 5, 2007
Austin, TX
I'm looking to have my wheels powdercoated and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any reputable shops in Austin or Houston, TX? If someone has had this done, please let me know cost, etc. Any help would be appreciated.:hmm:
I would powder coat them for you, but my oven is down for the count right now. There is a shop heading West on 29 out of seward Junction in Liberty Hill on teh right hand side. I forgot the name of the shop...but I know it's in Liberty Hill! Wish I could remember the name...sorry.
What color??? Also when you look for a shop ask them about set up fees and price difference between material colors. That is where they get you!
I'd like to do a really dark graphite color, close to black but not quite. Also, any ideas what to do with my centercaps? I was thinking of just finding a matching rattle can color and doing them.
Old thread.. but are there any new recommendations for the Austin area? I am looking to have some wheels powder coated.

I have checked with Crosslink Powder Coating of Austin . Anyone have experience with them? Are there others I should check with?

When you get quotes ask them lots of details on hardness of the powder and use. Not all powder is the same.
Okay, so them maybe a better question from me would be what kind of powder coat material(hardness etc) should I ask about or look for applications on wheels.

The place I talked to recommended sandblasting, epoxy primer, then black top coat and didn't get into any details of kinds of powder coat material...

You might try Colvins on Shoal Creek. If they can't do the powder coating they will know a good shop. Good luck.
Powder Coating in Houston (Spring, TX)

Try . A little pricey, but they did a good job on some sequoia wheels I got for my FJ60. Wheels are gunmetal (Anthracite), caps are original color, which I've since rattle-canned with a matching color, matched at my local Dupont dealer.

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