Can anyone help with my bumper?

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Apr 13, 2011
I'm looking to put on my new Demello 3-hoop bumper this Saturday. I feel kinda guilty because I know it's the cleanup day, but I'm running out of days that I can get this thing installed. It has been sitting in my house for a good 5+ weeks now.

All I really need is some helping hands to hold the thing up as I bolt it on, hopefully around noonish. If anyone can make it, refreshments will be served. I live in Abbotsford btw.
Hey Pete,

I'm going to be stuck in Burnaby all day Saturday. I'll be back in the early evening if that is any help to you.

Rob I might take you up on that. The plan is to have it done Saturday for sure, I have plans Sunday and don't think I want to drive around bumperless (thanks though mainlander). If need be I'll be knocking on my neighbor's doors sometime Saturday.
Bumper is on! Only took 2 of us.
Here's the bumper going on yesterday, and me testing it out today at Stave Lake:

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