Can any Toy dealer get the records on a rig?

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Sep 20, 2003
I was under the impression that any Toy dealer could access all the service records -for work done at any Toy dealer- from some sort of main Toy database.
Now one slick guy at a dealership nearby tells me that they can't do that (and of course that they don't have any record - it's a 2000 btw) and that he never heard of that before.
Is that true/possible or is he trying to pull a fast one on me?
There isn't a main 'service' database. Some dealers can tell you what service was performed, by VIN, at their dealership. Some dealers may be able to tell you what service was done by other Toyota dealerships they own.

Dealers can determine some service that was done for a recall. For example the 93/94 O2 sensor recall campaign was done by VIN and all dealers can inquire whether or not a specific VIN had the work done or not.

I was told by a Lexus service manager that Lexus does keep a national database of servicing done at Lexus dealerships. The database is limited though to top level, general service descriptions (i.e. brakes, lube, xxk service). For their own dealership (and maybe those that they own) there is more detail on a particular service. They did this for my rig and I was able to see that the PO had it routinely serviced at two dealerships in the region since it was new.


I used to work for Lexus/Toyota HQ. As stated above, the Lexus dealers have limited access via a main database to work done on a vehicle by other dealers. Toyota dealers do not - they can only tell you what they've done. If you call the logical dealers in the area the vehicle's from with the VIN and find a helpful service writer, you'll find the dealer(s) it was serviced at. Otherwise, you're SOL.

A footnote,

There is a record of submitted warranty repairs as well, that's it.
For what it's worth , when I honed in on my 80 , I phoned the dealership that sold it ( as a trade in before my guy got a hold of it ) and spoke to the service manager . He was instrumental in confirming service completed as well as the fact that the the previous owners had neglected doing a brake job in favour of trading up to a Sequoia . This sort of info is valuable in a few ways .. the obvious maintenance sense , but also perhaps in lowering an asking price ... on the grounds that certain maintenance requires doing .

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Several dealers I contacted said they purge records when inactive for over a year.

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