can a newb install all 4 shocks on an fj60? do i have to lift or jack it up?

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Apr 10, 2007
east bay, nor cal
please help, will be doing this for the first time this weekend.

may i ask, do i have to lift the sides to install the shock?

im going to only install kyb's in the front and ome mediiums in the back, the springs will be not be replaced.

can i buy the shock bushings at a local auto parts store? i'm getting the rear ome shocks used and they do not come with bushings, can i purchase the bushings locally, or do i have to use ome or oem?

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young pete you can change the shocks no problems,no need to remove wheels,jack it up or anything,the front ones you will have to hold the top pin with a pair of vice grips or something similar while you undo the top mount bolt,undo the bottom mount on the front shock first then a bit of force it will swing off the mount,then undo top and drop them down through the top mount.
rears are easy just bolts top and bottom,you may find it easier if you give it all a blast with penatrating lube before hand,we call it wd40,if you cant get bushes may be able to use the old ones but i wouldnt be doing this for too long,see if ya can get the right ones.
cheers goldchaser
You can Get the bushings you need from a few places on the internet.

Specter off-road
Cool Cruisers of Texas

to start, Google each of these and you'll find the web address.

Have Fun!
done it twice...It's easy enough even I can do it!

in the garage, no jacking, no nuthin'...just get under there and Remove/replace. Much easier with your OME lift ;) and 33s.
The fronts are easier if you take the tire off. Just use the vehicle jack and then PUT A BLOCK under the AXLE. Ditto penetrating oil pretreatment. My OMEs had a larger bushing ring than stocks so I had to improvise a larger washer to keep them fastened on. You can get big washers at most hardware stores.
PB Blaster is a great prelube oil to help get the old bolts/nuts off easy. Might also use a little "ani sieze" when replacing the nuts back on. They are also sold in little individual single packs (one would do the entire job and then some). It doesnt take much at all and will make future removal alot easier. Ask your local auto parts store for both of these and get to it! A vice grip and a crescent wrench are all thats left to be needed.
As the others have said : it's real easy . . .

Do Note : Some shocks are gas pressurized.
The come compressed & have a wire or big zip tie holding the shock compressed.
When you remove the wire/zip, the shock grows (over a few soconds) real long...and may be hard to squish down to cut/.remove wire after mounting one end of shock ( place top of shoch where it belongs, loosely place nut, cut wire/zip, line up and push bottom mount on stud as shoch grows...)

Still an easy job . . .

"Old Pete"
or does that make you 'repete'

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