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Nov 5, 2004
Hey all,
I guess we've all been pretty busy lately and I'm going to Germany for a month. Shaun has left us for Texas. Is anyone up for some winter camping in Jan? We are in NW FL as the name implies and I'm the dictator of the club (NW FL Toyota 4WD), and I'd like for us to get a little more active with things if possible. Raytard is always up for camping and I know a few others from our club will go. Anyone else in the area is also welcome to join us. More than likely it will be at Bear Lake up in the Blackwater river state forest. As it get's closer and I get back I will post more, Just a little advanced planning notice.... Steve.
Nov 16, 2005
You can count me in. What weekend does the Farmers Alminac say is warmest? That'll be the one. Joe

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