Camping this next week

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Jul 26, 2008
hanford, ca
Taking the family up to Balch Park on Mon, the boys have been chomping at the bit for Trout Dinners/Fishing. We may be exploring a trail or two around the first (lower) pond/campground.
I'm just looking foreward to quiet times and happy/dirty kids.
Heading up Mon to Thur/Fri. Silver Dbbl Cab Taco w/a trailer, stop by and say hello if your're up there-might have a spare adult beverage. :beer:
Well? There's more trails I think up near buck rock and big meadows? I'm not real familiar with that area
Thanks, the main reason is to fish, and get the kids outside, BBQ, camp fire, and fish
Cruise up to dinky, fish , .... Then you can run bald
There are several hiking trails around the Balch Park and Mountain Home area. I call them Hiking trails since I do not know if the gates on the roads are closed.

You will see old logging machinery left there from the logging boom that lasted from 1863 - 1940's.

Hike on out to the Needles Peak lookout. It burned down Nov of 2011 but there are plans to rebuild it.

You should also look for the "Indian Bathtubs". Theyare all over the place in that area.
Thanks D, we got back on Fri, hot, dirty, tired, and an ice chest full o' trout. We did find quite a bit of logging roads, (they are currently logging now). I had not heard of Needles Peak, or the Bath Tubs, but I will look for them in Aug, as we are headed back then.
This month (July), it's 5 or so days at Hume Lake - Hudy
When are you heading up to Hume jim
On the way up to Hume Lake on Mon, and will be at Site # 14 at the first camp ground (the one that soaks you for $20.00 a night). Will take a road trip up Ten Mile road and look at the Fed camp grounds, and explore alittle further. First I gotta work a Double and a single (Sat & Sun), and get up Mon, stop by the city corp yard and empty the black tank. 1st bottle cap to hit the ground is estimated to be 4pm +/-.
Well go back out to generals hi way , turn left at big meadows / buck rock , run buck rock trail, we went up last Monday to meet with great service to discus some trail maintance ideas , ran buck rock , and about 3 other trails to the north of buck rock
Well, got back today. Left the Giant Forest and it was 65 deg F, hit the valley floor at 88 deg F, better than 100 F. The trout bite was ON, even during the lull from 1pm to 3pm at the lake next to the boat ramp. Gave my oldest son his first fly fishing session on 10 mile creek. We did get away and ran by Horse Camp, and had lunch at Big Meadow. Then we took the run up to the Look Out Tower/Buck Rock. Ran the road (trail) from south to north. I did see the CVC adopt a trail. The boys went nuts, saying, "Dad that is the same guys that you talk to on the computer", made me smile. The first few turns looked alittle hairy, and will wait to run this one with a friend, as my experience is limited, and I did not have an extra pair of chonies. I also had the wife and kids and aload of fishing gear, ice chest, etc, in the bed sorta unsecured.
Suprising side note: spent most of our time around Hume Lake, and even dropped a few $$$ at the Christen Camp Store, gas was $4.59/gal, and drove 5 mph through their camp area, out of respect for the mass of people walking across the road enmass. The kids at the camp were plesant but, arrogant/unrespectful/snobbish, and acted as if they were the only ones that were suppost to be at the lake. Even had a few walk/jump/swim through the pool on 10 mile Creek while I was teaching my son to fly fish at that same pool. Had another group show up with their canoes/water craft right next to us where we were fishing off the bank, and start jumping out of a tree, and dropping F-bombs. Could not take that in front of my kids, and did say something. I expected more out of these kids, based on what kind of camp they were at.
Overall it was a great time, and the family is happy.
Headed back to Balch Park a week from Mon.
Cool... You could have ran the trail... Not hard ...
Well just got back yesterday from Balch Park.
Anyone have a recipe for smoked trout, working off the main board on MUD, but wanted to see what our local chefs had to add.
On the way out we passed a Med Blue 45 headed up the hill, my boys thought it was super cool, and my youngest now wants one for his first car.
Well Jim blessing of the rock is labor day well be up at buck rock u should cruise up
This last batch of Smoked Trout worked out great. Got a good brine if anyone's interested.

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