Camper Shell ?

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Jul 20, 2006
I looking around at Camper Shells for my pickup.

2014 GM 2500 HD reg cab long bed

The leer brand comes to mind.

Looking for recommendations....brands & source for purchase.

Or places to stay clear of.. I'm in North AL (Cullman) but not above driving a few hours for a good deal.

Any tips on mounting and good / bad. Might entertain installing those bed caps ( not sure of the proper name but I think GM and maybe others make a hard plastic part that mounts on top of the left and right side bed to protect it).

Post up if you have good experience anywhere...etc?
This is old info, but... I bought a Leer shell in 1991 for my new S10. The glass was good, seals were good, rear window hatch/handles were excellent, and the shell survived many years of regular on/off/on/off. It also took lots of hits from falling branches and other debris with no visible signs of damage. Had it for 8 years. I'd gladly start shopping there if I had the need again.

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