Camp lights

Jun 24, 2014
Western Australia
Gday guys,
Here are a few pics of the camp lights and fuse panel I have installed in my hj61.
I wanted lights to shine from either side of the car to help with setting up camp, but didn’t want them attached to the roof rack, so I decided on attaching them to the side of the car. They are Stedi rock lights with an angled base and draw .4amps each.
The switches are where the factory rear light used to be. I made a stainless bracket to help keep my cargo net tucked up high a while back, so I drilled and wired 2x switches to that.
While I was running the power, I decided to add a Narva 6x fuse block. This is ‘glued’ with T-Rex adhesive / sealant to the inside of the rear quarter panel where the rear window washer reservoir used to be, and will make other accessories easy to wire up…
Attaching lights this way will certainly isn’t for everyone, but I like to be a bit different…




Jan 4, 2011
This reminds me of an idea I had a while ago. Idea was to mount bright lights on the roof aimed upwards for driving in bad weather at night. Snow, rain, fog etc. sort of light up the area around the vehicle but not blind anyone. The indirect light often works well for seeing in the bad weather. Your little lights might also work for this…

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