SOLD Camino, Ca. Barn Doors

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Nov 5, 2005
Camino, California
United States
NEW LOWERED PRICE Excellent pair of lower rear doors from a California 1969 FJ40.
No rust through or bubbles, with all hinges, latches, and even a working lower latch pin.
$700.00 plus shipping.
NOW $600.00 plus shipping.
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Just think no rust rot to repair.
What a time and money saver these will be for the lucky buyer.
Would it help if I included a license plate bracket with a light?
Bump TTT
Motivated mud seller.
These came from a BARN find.
Shipping is cheaper this week than next week.
FWIW, I think it’s a fair price in today’s market, John. Give it time. GLWS.
Agreed on the price being more than fair, you could easily have this wrapped up in just repairs on rusted doors...figure a couple hundred for patch panels, and 10 hours of bodywork @50.00 per and you're deeper into fixing junk doors than owning these nice ones that never had any rust to begin with.
Do not have any pictures but have looked into it. Years ago I did set a tailgate into to the opening of my 76 FJ40. It fit flush inside the cut out. Figure two way could do barns doors. One is to use the barn doors hinges and use a spacer between the door and hinge to set the flush with the tub. Second is to use two sets of lower ambulance door hinges to do the same things. Use one right and one left hinge on each side.

PS on a 1/79 newer would need to round the lower outer corner to match the tub.

At the time I took the pictures there was also a build being done at a shop in AZ. Can't if they were doing barn doors or tailgate on a 75-78 FJ40. This build was why I took the pictures.
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