camaro pan

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Don't know the part number off hand. But I think the 1997-2002 Camaro pan is the same. Do a Search for the 5.3 conversion. I think Satchel just put the camaro pan in his and had to use the corvette oil filter. Maybe PM him for the part number he used. I also noticed Jegs sells a pan for LS1 conversions.
Here is the list of parts I ordered to do the 5.3 swap into my FJ40. I paid $320, but the dealer parts guy charged me wholesale on the stuff. List was ~$410.

12628771 Pan, Oil
12558251 Screen
12557752 Seal
12558253 Deflector
12551581 Indicator
12551577 Tube

Unfortunately, it's been 6 months and I still can't speak to whether or not it will actually function.

I'm not sure on the year. I just found the part numbers and ordered the parts. I'm pretty sure that the oil pan from any LSx powered Camaro will work, though.
98-02 camaro or firebird pan are the f body pans. this is what i used for my swap, and i have pretty good clearance, no issues on a trip to moab with it either.

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