Calling all LX450's...looking for pictures

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Sep 18, 2010
Urbandale, Iowa
i have a little rust repair to do on my lx on the rocker by the rear passenger side door. I can see we have body moulding that can/has trapped moisture. Who has removed that moulding from the rockers? I'm assuming the running boards will need to come off as well. I just want to see what one looks like up close when removed. And did you have rust too?

I don't think I will remove the rest of the flares and such. Just the rockers and running boards. Too replace with some nice sliders that will work as running boards.

Thank you

I had rust there, cut it all out and then welded in new metal and filled with antirust paint. I then put the cladding back on but if and when I go in there again ill just remove it perminantly.

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