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    We have lots of work to do... here is your official call to help.

    as sent to Bodreps on Feb 1st, call for volunteers.


    The by laws note that committees have to be established by the voting board
    and the President can assign the chairperson.

    Thus I am going to initiate these committees as work groups until they have
    been appropriately filled with volunteers and I will bring to the next board
    meeting to officially gain their committee status. The work groups
    themselves with choose the chairperson.

    Here are the work groups I need to initiate, you can think of them
    informally as committees.

    E-vote team
    Goal: Analysis and development of electronic voting.
    Initial Contact: Mark Hawley
    Brain storm issues, develop scope, provide process. Short term committee.

    Event committee
    Goal: Analysis and completion of Event committee efforts
    Contact: Eric Vogt
    This committee was started last year and I believe Eric has items than need
    I'll be honest, I'm not sure of their charter but wanted to include it.
    Short term comm.

    Chapter Renewal team
    Goal: Analysis and development of Chapter option for group renewals.
    Initial Contact: Paul May
    This committee will review what has been identified to date as issues and
    resolutions and formally develop a process for accepting group renewals by
    chapters. This group will then continue to be active with regards to
    developing and defining the value of being a TLCA Chapter club. It should
    be considered a long term effort, initial short term goals.

    Toyota Trails back issue resolution
    Goal: Analysis of options for disposing of bulk back issues
    Initial Contact: Tony Twiddy
    This committee will reach resolution about disposition of our current stock
    of back issues which must be moved. Also provide recommendations for future
    usage. Short term comm.

    Membership Attrition Committee (MAC team)
    Goal: Analysis and development of process for retaining our current
    Initial Contact: Alan Loshbaugh
    team members, Alan, Bruce Lutz, Paul Elbisser, Rob Blumel
    This committee will develop processes to retain membership and develop
    process to regain expired members. Will also review New Chapter procedures
    and be involved in Membership Renewal Reminder process. Long term effort.

    Rubithon Raffle Incentive Team
    Goal: Secure Raffle items for TLCA's Hosted event, Rubithon.
    Initial Contact: Tony Twiddy
    Team Members: All Delegates, Board Members and TLCA members.
    This committee is designed to 'spread the load' with regards to securing
    raffle prizes for Rubithon. This is a large effort which can be very easy
    if everyone helps. 4 month effort.

    Web Site Committee
    Goal: Analysis and development of scope, schedule, cost and targeted
    milestones to revitalize TLCA's web presence including hosting, site
    programming and long term support.
    Initial Contact: Tony Twiddy
    OK, I'll be honest, this is a huge effort requiring both technical
    experience and common sense.
    We need to start somewhere and I am suggesting securing volunteers, then
    developing current statistics for benchmarking site performance, Needs
    assessment, cost analysis, strategic planning at a budgetary level and
    culminating in project execution with a long term support plan including
    paid web master support. This effort will spill into every aspect of TLCA
    from Membership and merchandise to chapter support and member communication.
    This is a long term effort including possibility of two years. &nbsp:Don't let
    this scare you off, perhaps your skill can support one or more facets of
    this effort. We must get started, even if it is to simply keep our current
    site supported.

    OK, sorry for the length and more importantly, sorry I have let January slip
    by without moving forward on these efforts. I want to formally ask Board
    approval of these work groups as Committees at the February meeting and also
    have chairpersons identified. A kick off phone conference can be arranged
    if deemed necessary by team members. I will expect forecasted completion
    dates along with BB presence.

    I don't know if I have done this correctly and quite frankly, let too many
    days slip by agonizing over how to approach this subject (work groups) but
    we must get going so this e-mail is to do that.

    Finally, it is primarily up to Delegates and TLCA members to fill these
    teams. Elected Board Members have identified roles in this association for
    day to day business and these team efforts, while much needed, are above and
    beyond any call to duty. &nbsp:Do not simply expect someone else to get this work
    done, you must look to yourself to decide where you will work to support the
    association. I encourage you to sign on with the tougher teams and make a
    personal commitment to expend the time and resources necessary. E-mail the
    referenced Contact to note your participation. The teams will call for
    input of comments soon.

    Our Association is only a good as our Members, our board and us. Lets prove
    to ourselves that this truly is a great association to belong to, work in
    support of and be proud of, by stepping up to the plate and answering the

    Many thanks!

    Tony Twiddy
    'have processes in place which will nurture a sustained period of growth'
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    Feb 17, 2002
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    What can I do to help?
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