Cali vs Federal model differences

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Jan 30, 2003
Sandpoint, ID
I'm helping a buddy who is looking at getting a 93-97 FJ80. He is in CA, but is probably moving to N. Idaho. IF he moves he wants to get an 80. Obviously 80 series are much more available (sheer numbers) in CA than in N. Idaho, so the thought was to pick one up right before he moves.

One concern though... is he better off getting a federal model vs a CA emissions model? What are the major differences, if any besides the length of warrantee? Are there significantly more/other parts between the models... etc? If you had to choose, and didn't have to do CA emissions, would it make any difference?

I believe all 80s are 50 state emissions legal, no CA specific model. Hopefully someone else can confirm this.

EDIT: based on the thread mentioned below, FZJ80 93 model had a CA specific version, 94 and up were 50 state legal, that leaves me uncertain abut 91-92 FJ80, but you don't want one of those anyway :)
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Definitely bring an 80 up here rather than hoping to find one. Odds are good that approach will simply have him spending $500 to go BACK to California to find one and he won't have the luxury of living there and finding a good one. This is a great place to OWN an 80 but not a good place to FIND an 80.

From an ownership level there is no reason to differentiate on Cal/49 state emissions, but I suspect N. Cal has more 80s with lockers if it helps his search.

federal 93's have no egr temp sensor so they cannot detect an egr malfunction and throw a CEL. the actual egr system itself is identical, it's just you can't tell if it's broken. california 91-93s are capable of throwing a code 71.

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