Calamity, Scratch & Dent, and Cactus II closed???

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not an addict
Jan 30, 2003
windy wyoming
from the ute pass iron goats "I heard Calamity,
Scratch & Dent, and Cactus II out in Montrose are closed. Anybody
know what is going on out there? CJ Dave"

any of you guys know what's up?
I live a few miles from the area and have not heard anything! I was on Scratch and Dent a few weeks ago with our was open..will have to look into it as there were US Government vehicals parked at the entrance to the others about two months ago.
definitely please let us know what's going on. thanks :cheers:
Sorry...I've been very busy here at the shop and have not had time to take the Cruiser over there yet...and I kinda forgot..:censor:

I see trucks pulling rock buggies back that direction over the weekends...they stay out there the whole weekend as I see them leave every something back there must be open.

It's not my type of wheeling...but I'll try to get back there and check it out soon.

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