Cadmium plating of hardware, vendor found !

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Jan 2, 2010
Walnut Creek, CA Bay Area
I, like a lot of folks, have been looking for a shop to plate hardware and brackets for the various projects we embark upon. It seems vendors have come and gone with some success and I wanted to share another outfit that I found that has just returned some plated hardware to me and the results are fantastic. The pictures. before and after, should tell the story ! BTW, I have no afiliation with these folks, just wanna pass a source onto you guys.

The company is called Aero Propeller & Accessories located in Broomfield, CO.

I spoke with a guy by the name of Tom and he was very helpful. Promised me their turn-around was about a week and a little after a week, my package was returned to me via UPS. Tom said they have a min order of 16 lbs for $110. I was right at 16 lbs and I expect my invoice to show $110 plus shipping. The invoice is being mailed to me so I don't have confirmation on that. I will update this posting if the $ value changes.

Enjoy the pics….
Image 1.jpg
Nice work. There are a few places down here in LA that I've used over the years. I've had to do literally tons of anodizing, alodining and brite-dipping.
;) I think you can get plasti-dip in cadmium flavor now too...
From my understanding in order to cad plate something it must be acid dipped first. If you're dealing with used hardware and you acid dip it you could weaken the hardware.
Looks good and good to know there is a shop that can do Cad plating.
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