Cadmium plating of hardware, another vendor found !

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Jan 2, 2010
Walnut Creek, CA Bay Area
I'm usually found hanging around over in the 80's forum but I thought I should share this with you guys since there seems like a lot of serious restoration going on here and a keen interest in plating some of the original hardware and brackets.

It seems like vendors have come and gone with some success and I wanted to share another outfit with you guys since they just returned hardware and brackets back to me cadmium yellow/gold plated and I think the results are fantastic. The pictures, before and after, should speak for themselves. BTW, I have no afiliation with these guys, just wanna pass another source to you folks.

The company is Aero Propeller & Accessories in Broomfield, CO.

I spoke with Tom who was extremly helpful and he promised that their turn-around was about a week. A little after a week had passed, the UPS dude came a knocking and I had my hardware back. Tom said they have a min order of 16 lbs at $110. My order was right at 16 lbs so I expect my invoice, when i receive it, to show about $110 plus shipping.

Enjoy the pics…

Parts look really great!
Yep, plating shops that still plate with cadmium are becoming rare.

Here's another shop in So. CA that plates cadmium with yellow chromate (yellow cad):
(They did my stuff)

& if someone wants to go crazy with the rust prevention thing on larger parts that are not threaded and do not require moving assemblies, such as brackets and pulleys and metal tubing... the ultimate anti-rust psychosis is to (black) cad plate the parts, then take them from the plating shop over to the powder coating shop and powder coat over the cad plating. The parts will probably never rust through for the rest of your life. Expensive as h%ll... unless you have a bunch of stuff to powder coat anyway, then it's no big deal.. since the PC shop won't have to sand blast the plated parts and can just shoot powder directly on the cadmium and bake em.
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Very good to know. Thank you both.
Is there a size limit on the parts?
Did you bead blast your own first or did they?

They never mentioned a size limits but I'm sure there is one. I did not blast any parts, they do all the surface prep before plating. I did put all my really dirty hardware through a tumbler I use just so the stuff shows up a little cleaner.

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