Cable lockers from 60 serier axles to 40 series axles?

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Dec 4, 2007
Hey guys,
Short version: What do i need to put lockers from a 60 series axle and install it in a 40 series axle?

Long version:
I need some help before i pull the trigger on some 60 series axles with cable lockers.

First off: i have a '84 Bj42.

If i would want to take the lockers from the 60 series axle and install them in the 40 series axles, what else will i need?

I know that the 60 series axles are 70mm wider, but i need to know what exactly is different so i know if i can use my 40 axles if the condition of the 60's are not that good..

I believe that the "Axle" inside the housing (missing the english term atm) is longer in the 60 series where it inserts in to the locker, can i use the parts from the 60?

Btw, the 60 series axles fit under a 40, besides from the extra 3.5cm on each side, right?
Other than that they are the same?

Best regards!
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In the front you need to get the right diff gasket and clearance the housing. It's not hard to do with a grinder. I marked it by drilling a bunch of holes with a pilot bit first. You need a few longer length studs, but you can probably take them from the donor axle housing. Then you need a long-side long-splined axle shaft. Mudrak had some at one time. You could call him. Bobby Long can make one for you as well. Search for threads about converting to an e-locker. Most of the info is relevant.

In the rear you need a full-floating housing from a 40 or a 70 series. The stock short-side long-spline axle shaft from the 70-series would work, or again you could have Bobby Long make you one that you would then use with his drive plate. The clearancing is the same issue.

The 60-series axles will fit. In the front you have to outboard the springs and in the rear you have to move the perches. There are some threads including my after thread and Chicago's monster thread on the hardcore forum.
can you swap over the diffs drum to drum?

front will need a bit of work but has been done before and the rear is pretty easy.. the width is a worthwhile upgrade and cable lockers arent that common either.
Hey guys,
Thanks for the replies and sorry for my late reply.

I pulled the trigger and bought the axles, i'll post some pics if you are interested.

They are not first priority since i have to finish building the body on my truck, but availability in Iceland is really low and price on ARB locks is getting really high, so i decided to buy them and save them for later.

Will have to make a lot of modification to the axles to use the with my four link rear, and spring front suspension setup.

A pic of trucks current state if anyone is interested:

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