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Sep 8, 2003
North Cackalacky
Howdy all!
In the market for a cabinet blaster. Not too sure what to look for. My compressor is rated for 6.4cfm @90psi. Looking to try to keep it under 200 if possible. Any mininum work space size, features, etc to look for.

Yo Han
step 1> air compressor tank size. I run a 30 gallon horizontal tank with a 6 horse dual stage compressor on 220....and it's not enuf. It cycles constantly. IMO, a 100 gallon tank is recommended, 60 might be enuf tho.

I've got the cheap floor standing model from Harbor Freight and it works just fine, other than my air problem...
Hey Woody!
Yeah I got a 30gallon with a 6hp compressor also... that's funny bc that cheap standup on harbor is one of the ones i got eyeballed.

...woody, been spacing on shippin you that cooler... I will get that out to you :whoops:

Yo Han
What's the better media to use for blasting metal parts with rust and paint?
I've got the glass bead stuff...honestly, I use it regularly for MGB parts on my wifes car and it works nicely for cleaning those for painting. No metal deformation etc. IIRC, the true sand stuff is hard on thin stuff.
Kewl...thanx Woody!
What is the minimum work area you guys like for inside the box? Also, do you think the light is important, or just as good to add a cheap one later?
mine has the flourescent....and it's adequate. My buddy has the regular bulb, and he prefers mine.

IMO, decide what you wanna clean first for box size. Mine is the floor standing-type...and it works for most items, might even be able to squeeze a rim in there....
Thanks. I'm thinking fluorescent, built in. Just wondering if I should get something big enough to clean up that old stamped bezel. ;)
You know, almost got that one, but their shipping is outrageous. I am looking at this one from harbor freight (free shipping, so it ends up being less expensive).

Woody, is this the one you have?
lol...eyeballin that one too. Yeah the free shipping is nice, buddy of mine has a membership with NT and they do free shipping for items up to 50lbs, but it's 53lb :doh:

They quoted me 30 fer shippin... got a week to figure it out.
Let's see: $150 (must go truck) vs. $30. Still a deal. :D
DANG! ...they quoted 150 for shipping? Maybe the guy i spoke with or vice versa misquoted on shipping?
The $150 was Northern.
So today Northern sends me a free shipping for orders over $150 code. That changes the dynamics. :D
Nice IDave! you can't beat that with a stick. Is it a personal code?
Don't really think it is personal. I'll share it if you want. However, the only comparable cabinet is backordered, and the free shipping doesn't apply to out of stock items. So, I went back and looked at the Harbor Freight. Went through the ordering process, and shipping is (completely) free there. So I just bit and ordered that one!

Again, if you are interested in the Northern Tool code, let me know.
Nice IDave! If you got the the one in the image above, that's a nice one. Got the fluorescent light too, unlike the one in Northen I posted the link to. Think I'll take you up on the free shipping code, ordering one this Friday, hope it's good till then and they restock ;)

Yo Han
No luck. It's already run out. Dag dingy dang it. :mad:

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