Cabin Canyon - Mesquite Nev- Feb 18th & 19th

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This is gonna be fun :)
I might be up for a day trip or maybe one night. Never wheel'd this area & it would be fun to get out there.

From what I've heard there should be trails foreveryone up there. I'll be in a pretty built SOA fj60 w/ stock Birf's :rolleyes:

that spare birf is sitting at the door. The whole fam damily has been sick all week...

DMC, it has been like 71* here lately. I am taking my 40 without a top on it up there.
Is the 80 locked?
If not, it will be harder going on the gambol trail. A unlocked 40 made it but managed to damage his tie rod.

There are Tons of other places to go explore around there. So if you want to camp with us and then go explore other places it would work out well.
80 is locked and 71 in mesquite doesn't help the 20 degree drive down from SLC friday night after work. I'm just curious about the trail being reopened and the ability of a locked 80 to get through it. I'd love to come down and just go wheel but if a trail is being restored i'd like to help out.
Drive on down and ride along the restoration with me :)

Seriously the camp is not far from the site. In fact, it is right around the corner.

We would love to have the help.
Soooo, you got a track bar yet???

Mace said:
Soooo, you got a track bar yet???


it's about 2/3 built, just need to put it under the truck.

still need to do something about the front fenders too. They keep fighting with the front tires like they did coming down from the warehouse... :eek:

At least the lip. Kind of a flatfender look is cool
Now look what you've done...

Today after work I whipped out the sawzall and trimmed my front fenders. I think they turned out OK. While I had the sawzall out I took off the running boards (remember I crushed them at the GGG) and hacked off all the extra sheetmetal below the doors. I also roughed in some rock sliders. Will finish the job tomorrow.

Three more days...

Cabin Canyon here we come ;)

See you can learn ;)

i think i'm bringing you a tcase. My plans may have changed however and i won't be able to get out of SLC til late friday or saturday morning. i won't know anything until tomorrow so hopefully dre and i can get together before then. do you have decent directions or gps coordinates for your camp?
If you can, cool, if not, we can figure something out.

Let me see if I can get a good pic
Mace said:
Soooo, you got a track bar yet???

Do now!

Finished it today after work. Felt a difference the first time I let out the clutch. Test drove it up a cinder hill where it always hopped before and "WOOHOO" smooth as glass.

Took a little bit more sheetmetal off too. I tested my clearance with a forklift at work. It was kinda funny. Some of the guys I work with looked at me like I was nuts. I got one tire lifted 35 inches off the ground and the other three were still touching.

Didn't finish the rock sliders though...

No worries Dave, it just means you HAVE to come out for the gambol :D
And Cabin Canyon can now be driven :D

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