CA Trip, Save $$$ on Shipping

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Apr 14, 2005
Everywhere in Polk County!
If I haven't told you, I own a business called CTA Services, a hauling/delivery service. I haul everything ranging from cattlefeed, citrus, vehicles, heavy machinery, and ag equipment. The furthest I usually travel is Tennessee, but it seems that I'll be traveling to CA to deliver two FJ45s from Tampa, FL.
For anyone wishing to take something to, or pick up something, from CA let me know. S&H can suck and it may be cheaper for me to grab it for ya, since I'm already there. Plus, I would love to bring something back on the way home rather than have 2500 empty miles to drive.
Vehicles, engines, trannys...whatever you need, we can discuss. oh yeah, i'm completely licensed and insured for the road, so no worries. for those of you who know me, i'm honest and forthright, so we're good to go.
I just thought someone would like to save some $$$ if they could. holler back yall.
chad jones
CTA Services
Bruiser, how about hauling a few cruisers out there (and back) and we run some dunes and trails for a couple weeks. ...shot gun! :D

that's probably the smartest thing i've heard anyone say in ages!!! We can make our own "ultimate adventure" across the country, cruiser style!
when are you going and how much extra room you got going to CA? I have a 65 GMC 3/4 ton pickup that needs to get to CA if I don't sell it.
Dates for Trip

As of now, it looks like May 6th - May 14th will be the "reserved days." Would love to take the GMC if you want, I should have room for one more vehicle. Just let me know ahead of time, or I'll post if anything changes.

Chuck, I'll be taking a 3-Car Hauler if fetish wants me to take his GMC...otherwise just a two car for both the FJ45s from Tampa...I have hookups for anything imaginable, 5th wheel to gooseneck to hitch, wuheva.

thanks all for interest,
Chad Jones
CTA Services
where are you going in CA? I haven't narrowed my new home search down to the city yet. If we move SF we will definitely be selling the truck and if we move anywhere else there is a strong chance we will keep it. can I just trade the truck for one of the 45s? Where the hell did you come across those?
you aint kiddin

I'd trade mine for one of the 45s too! You'll have to see the pics, i'll post some i take with my camera cuz you don't see em too's stock, the other on 39.5s! quite a site...just know i'm taking somewhere south Cal, the "client" hasn't determined where he wants to keep 'em yet.
I'm towing them for a fellow who has "clients" that purchase rare cruisers from him. something like that, hope nothing But i really don't know much at all, just the hired help!
LEt me know what yall decide, i'll post again when i have more definite info.
chad jones
cta services
Chad, are you by any chance coming back through Phoenix via I-10?? If so, let me know . . . I need to get some FJ40 body parts (doors, side panels, etc.) brought back this way.

Drop me a PM. Thanks. :)

You also may want to post something on the CA and AZ club forums to see if they've got something they want shipped out to the East.

Great idea steve, i'm on it. I'm going to look like a traveling flea market!
PolkLandbruiser said:
I'm going to look like a traveling flea market!
LOL. You could also drop a message in the AZ Copper State Cruiser's forum. They're the other Phoenix-based Cruiser club. :)
Hey bruiser - You driving through TEXAS any time soon. ??? I may have some parts to be picked up for my cruiser???

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