(CA) near la -new custom rear bumper fj80 with swingouts

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Apr 24, 2011
santa barbara
hey i am going to be having a custom rear bumper put on by killer off road in moorpark ca and was wondering if anyone wanted to get one made at the same time cuz it would be cheaper than having chris do two seperate bumpers at two different times. he quoted me $1000 for a rear bumper with swingouts, powdercoated, mounted, with tow rings, and hi lift mount and jerry can or ladder swing out.....i will be having him build it sometime this summer. www.killeroffroad.webs.com...this is his website...thought we could get a better deal if a few got them built at once...let me know with a pm. i know this isn;t exactly classified but where else would i post it. pm me if interested or call killer off road
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