craigslist [CA] Box of Engine parts

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Jun 4, 2009
Pasadena, CA
United States
Here is the cylinder head, valves, rocker, risers, everything from the cylinder head up, save for carb and intake manifold. They are good condition, and the cylinder head would need rebuild after being set outside for a little bit.

Price: $300 for all

Contact: PM or call at (626) 353-4678 for any questions.

Here is where to find more information: '80-'87 2F Engine Cylinder Head Used

And I'll be happy to calculate shipping and everything, and would be let others view before purchase, or provide the information that I know.

Feel free to ask me about other engine parts, I have a 1984 engine that has most of the hardware still on it, I'll be happy to cut a deal on what you want from it, just ask, and I'll check to see if that part is there.
How much for the smog pump shipped to Colorado? If ya got it
That price is 'optimistic' at best. After trying to sell one for a year for $100 I traded it for a paint gun that was worth about $50. The valve cover is worth some money...

Your carb core may be worth $50 to the right person...

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