Bypass RS3000 factory alarm? (1 Viewer)

Sep 2, 2007
So. Cal
Haven't used my 80 in a while and it's battery drained down to nothing.

I jumped started it, but when I did the factory alarm started acting Wonky where the horn was going off like the alarm was triggered.(pulled the horn fuse) So I was able to jump start it and it started and ran but as soon as I closed the driver's door, lights inside started flickering and I could hear the relay by the foot panel ticking on and off.

I don't know if this is a bad relay, or a bad alarm control module, but I think I want to bypass it for now until I figure out if I want to replace it with an aftermarket unit or just rip it out all together.

Again, I would just like to bypass it for now so that I can use the vehicle without the lights flickering and all the noise. Does anybody know how to do this?
Apr 14, 2016
It depends on how it's installed. I believe that some were installed using a harness that plugged in between the two halves of the big, black connector below the steering column. Others are wired by cutting existing wires.

You can probably just find and bypass the kill relay and unplug the alarm 'brain'. The relay will be wired in to one of the thick wires under the steering column, probably tucked in behind the dash.

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