Bye bye evil flappers. All breathers done.


May 7, 2005
South Jordan, UT
I extended my rear diff, t-case, and tranny breathers up and into the one I extended from my front diff a month ago. Now I can drive through 12 feet of water as long as I've got my windows rolled up tight, right?

Seriously though, it was a very easy job and it gives good piece of mind knowing that everything is watertight and I'm not sucking grease through my front axle seals anymore.

I DID struggle with the t-case & tranny hoses though.
I seriously couldn't make sense of the existing breather hoses, and the weblinks just led me to believe that there were multiple breather ports in the tranny (true?).
So I just detached the ENDS of the EXISTING t-case and tranny breathers from their termination on the tranny dipstick and plumbed them both into my extended hose comming from the front/rear diffs--effectively extending them another foot or so up into my combined termination. Maybe not as nice as redoing all the hose on the tranny and t-case, but the hose is in good shape and it was a piece of cake compared to trying to fish around blind up above the gearboxes.
Does this sound like a reasonable solution to you folks?

Next up:
Bling bling my hub caps.

Jun 16, 2003
I tee'd my front and rear diffs together at the front axle and continued the breather line up to the front axle breather that I relocated to the front of the cylinder head.

I disconnected the transfer case and tranny breather from the dipstick tube, tee'd them together, and and continued the breather line up to the what used to be rear axle breather that I relocated to the rear of the cylinder head.
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