Buying an HZJ79

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They started making this shape in late 1984. Most are a bit beat up by now but the oldest are 25 years old and can be legally imported.
They've had a long build period on this model and I would say at least %99 of all parts are still available.
That includes all the body parts.The earlier models bolt together like a 40 but after 98 they became a complete roof sides and floor

They have more engine/gearbox options than any other landcruiser series
For decent non ex miners 02 79's average the au$25000 still and 06's around $35,500 au. If you can figure out a way for an aus 79 for a pretty good price idea you will find on
Nothing completely legal unless it is 25 years old or older. And as Rosco pointed out, the oldest of the 70 series trucks are starting to turn 25. So you could probably do so with an older one if you so choose, just won't have an HZ engine unless you swap one in yourself.

New HZJ79 trucks are available in Costa Rica and Panama. Check Toyota's home page, choose any one of them and take a look at the prices.

Forum members from those countries may know about prices.

What about buying one down there and driving it back?

Move to Australia. Will probably be easier and cheaper :p

You can also source a 25-year-old FJ75 from South America and then do an engine swap.

My two cents.

The only ones you can leagally import are 85-87 BJ-70s that where sold in Canada, not imported to Canada. And the 25yr rule also applies for non-Canadian market 70's. There is a 85 BJ-70 on the East coast for sale, check the classifieds, this is a Canadian one that has been leagally imported. Of course there are alot of other underhanded ways of getting one in, but your on your own as far as that goes. For one if you have a accident most likely your insurance won't cover you and you open your self up to law suits, let alone any hassles from the fed. gov.

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