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Oct 13, 2003
Hello 80 series gurus.

My question: if you were choosing between 3 80's which one seems like the best deal.

# 1: 93, 107K, lockers, CLOTH interior. Original owner all records, window sticker, etc. $12K'ish

# 2 : 95, 135K, lockers, worn grey leather, some scuffs and scrapes but no wrecks. leaking oil at front of pan some seeping around the front knuckles. Weird "my brother bougt it and I am selling it...1997 owners manual in the glove box. worn tires, needs a detail + ??" sort of truck. Drives very well however. $11K'ish

# 3: 95, 97K, lockers, 2nd owner from 22K miles. "exceptional condition" quoted by the seller. Have not driven the 4 hours to see it yet. Tan leather (my favourite I think) new tires. Described as imaculate. $16K firm.

I have read the pro's and cons of the years and am not hung up on a tranny type or air bags. Each one of these is a contender on its own merits but no clear winner in my head. Not trying to start a war here just give me an opinion and a why...

On edit: Live in the PNW and don't do or plan on doing any hardcore stuff. Plan on 255-85-16's, a mild OME lift and probably bumpers and sliders. Articulation and lift are less important than my dog being able to get in the back. Near term use will be daily driver, Sea Kayak shuttle down to Baja and up to Alaska, ski trips, and some sand or snow running. I am a diesel junkie and may look at a 4bt Cummins swap a few years down the road (and yes I have the Cummins...)

Chris Brandt

for Sale 1982 BJ60 legal US importation email
You didn't tell us your plans for the truck, your budget for the initial purchase, or your budget for mods.

Missing those important pieces of information and putting my requirements in place of yours, #1 would be my choice. #3 is second choice and I would use the $4k difference for OME suspension and some good armour all around.

If you have a budget of $20k or more then grab the '97 and call Slee, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

If you have a budget of more than $20k then grab the turbo that Christo has on his site. It's mostly built and you would have one kewl truck.

My question: if you were choosing between 3 80's which one seems like the best deal.

# 1: 93, 107K, lockers, CLOTH interior. Original owner all records, window sticker, etc. $12K'ish

I would go with this one as it sounds like the best of the group one owner etc.

#2 sound like a mess ???
and #3 is far enough away to sound like a PITA to get a look at and not be what it is :-\

I vote for #1

A 93 with cloth and lockers is VERY RARE . Due to that alone, my interest is peaked. I bet it's Champagne tan with brown guts as that is the only combination I have ever seen from that vintage with locks. I have seen only one genuine example of that year model with locks and cloth. It is one of two total vehicles that I have seen that were cloth/locked.

The 93 is the bluish grey colr with similar cloth...

Leaning towards that truck.

How much of a drawback is R12 ?
There is a cloth lockerd 93 on Ebay right now as well.

Must be the radiation storm... ;)
Not all 93's are R12. Get the vin and PM it to me aind I'll check for you. R12 is more efficent but the system can be converted to R134 if required.


>> How much of a drawback is R12 ? <<

It's certainly not a show stopper. R12 is also more expensive and will be less available over the years but you can always convert it when you need to.

I had the owner check the 93 and it is an R12 truck. Not all that worked up about that.

In some reading hear there was a year that has problematic ECM's. I think it was 93 but am not sure ?

What prices are people paying for 80's ?

So many questions, so little productivity...
Correct, early production 93's may toss an 83, 84, 85 code that is irritating and the fix is an ECU.

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