Buying a 80 Series, which year should i look for?

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Jun 5, 2012
Hello, Going to join the club !
Looking to buy Landcruiser from 1992-1997 with around less than 150k miles or so. Seen a good deal locally but it is 1992 with 114k miles (condition is ok, was used to tow a boat, mainly). But i am in no huge rush and i hear it better to buy 1993 and above due to better motor.
I just want to make sure that year i get, has a good motor that can give better gas mileage than other years, which is important for me. So, what year should i look for, is there a big difference in 1992 models?
Well besides referring to the FAQ section sticky for the 80 series I would tell you get a low/no rust 93-97 .. they all get the same gas mileage (not good 12 city/15 highway if your lucky) Get one that has a service history that can be backed up or prepare to wrench alot yourself or you better have wads of cash.
Must haves:
- 1FZ, 93+
- ABS (FF rear), 93+ option
- OBDII, 93.5+
- R134, 93.5+

Wheeler must have:
- lockers, 93+ option

DD must have:
- Airbags, 95?
OBDII - 95 (MOST) +

Some of the 95s do not have it, but most do. Mine does. 94 and earlier all do not.
I'd focus on condition & maint records over **exactly** what year you buy. That said, I have a '97 & the dual cam 1FZ motor, and I can't imagine having to put up with fewer horsepower in a ~93 & older with the 3FE - plus, in the FAQ's it'll give the year the rear axle went to a full floater - and the newer ones with the 16" wheels have bigger brakes than the older ones.

If you do a lot of highway driving a airbag(s) would be a consideration, plus the ABS is nice for on-road driving.

As a simple statement, I'd say "newer is better" - a perk of the LX450's is they are all of the above & a no-brainer on the features as they were equipped with everything I just mentioned.

But with the cost of HG replacement & FR axle service, I'd still be focused on records over exact year once you decide what options are important to you & go for that year grouping accordingly.
I actually prefer the OBDI systems in the earlier year 80s to the OBDII. Sure you can't run real time engine scans with graphs and whatnot, but a box of paper clips is just too classy to pass up, IMO.
cool, thanks for all the responses.
I will hold out and keep a look out for 93 or even better if 94 and above which will have bigger wheels, ABS, 4.5l 24 (is that 1fz?) and it be awesome if it has the OBDII.
Do all 93 and above have the 4.5L 25 valve motor?
And i don't have deep pockets at this time so will try just wait till one that is in good sound condition comes along with a good price.
93-94 for the 1fz, but no obd2.

Way easier to tear superfluous emissions garbage off the vehicle with obd1.

But if you're stuck keeping it, anything 93+

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