Buying a 77 fj45...need advice

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Nov 14, 2008
Middle, GA
Ok kids, heres the skinny; found a 77 45 for sale (in pieces). 4k is the price and is currently on frame with a flat bed ??? (new to me) anyway, what do you guys think about it vs. price.

Bad - Seats are not original (Bucket), but I get a ton of extra enterior parts, switches, pedals, pads, etc. rust is not too bad. Worst spot if on driver fb. Motor will be installed with 4 speed tranny/transfer but missing the rear drive shaft. Has front clip but not same year i said, pieces. Comes with a harness but not installed.

Good - ITS A 45!!!!!!!!

...More photos are coming so hang tight. These are all I have for now...

Thanks, Ben
At 4k dump another 8k into and you might have something.
I would not touch that at that price even though it's a 45 you can get one off Ebay right know running and no headaches you would have with that one.
As a project I may consider $1500 but thats a big project.
I hope you didn't buy it yet. That truck is way over priced. Like Dieseler said. I paid $5600 for my FJ45 and it was all together and running and in better shape than that cab. I also had a flat bed. It looks like the fenders were cut off with a torch.

Run away
Thanks fellas. I appreciate the advice. Exactly what I needed to know.
That truck's been burned, judging by the rear of the cab. Steel loses it's temper, and that turd's rusty from hell anyway. Maybe 400.
The only way he'd get $4000 from me is if that tub fell from the rafters and smacked me square in the head. Even then he'd have to pry it from my dead hands :mad: If he does happen to sell it to some sucker try and get the new owners #. I have a bridge for sale he might be interested in.

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