Buyer Be Aware: 1990 HDJ81 - HDJ810003390


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Oct 21, 2013
1990 HDJ81
VIN HDJ810003390 (HDJ81-0003390)
JDM Car & Motorcycle LLC, Seattle, WA

This vehicle is being advertised without disclosing the wreck/repair history noted on the auction sheet. Auction notes indicate repair history to passenger side, passenger fender replaced, passenger doors replaced and B pillar repaired. I've noticed that this seller displays the auction sheet for vehicles that do not have damage history or odometer rollbacks but does not display the auction sheets for vehicles that do.

Per several discussions in the classifieds sections here on 'mud, the community has indicated that they would appreciate that I share information about vehicles I see for sale in North America, when documented historical information is available.

Unless otherwise noted, I make no further claims about this vehicle as I have not inspected it personally. Also unless otherwise noted, I give the seller the benefit of the doubt as to whether they are aware of this information.

This information is being provided as a service to the Land Cruiser and Ih8mud communities to encourage transparency in the representation and sale of out-of-market LC's.

Sometimes when I send this information to sellers, they respond with something along the lines of "how would you like it if I posted the auction reports for all of your trucks?" My response is always, "feel free." At LCD, we go out of our way to disclose everything we know about any vehicle we are selling. Our direct access to vehicles in Japan and other markets allows us to get history information not typically available to most importers. We don't buy any trucks with any kind of wreck/repair history, anything with less than a 3.0 rating (when at auction), or anything with any odometer discrepancies.

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