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good luck with the sale. i wish i could offer to take those bighorns off your hands, but too little money and too much tread left in the ones i've got on...
I'll have to take a look at this before it sells. This is defiantly one nice ride thanks for your advice on the engine swap as well. I should have the big parts and most of the little ones by mid next week get everything prepped and tear into it at the end of May beginning of June. I printed off a membership form I'll just give it to the president when they have the get together on the 15th. Good luck with the sale. Thanks again for the help.
i just happen to be in the market for that size tires,,, are they available separate?
Not yet brother. And I paid too damn much for them to get back what I have in them as a seperate sale. But idf the truck sells without them for a lower price I'll post em up.
B, I never noticed those trimmed rear 1/4's. Thats gotta be one of the nicest body mods Ive seen. The lines fit very well with the factory design - so well I looked over them when I looked through the ROTW the first time.
Thanks Murf. Yeah, they were deffinately done right. The Original owners son did those when he owned the rig. He also did the 1/4s on Henry Cubilan's Princess around the same time. I always say that if you didn't know they weren't factory, you wouldn't know they weren't factory.
Back on the chopping block!

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