Busy day around here...gettin ready for beach season

Jul 7, 2005
Been off all week on vacation....but I've been working harder at home than I do at work(yardwork, garage cleanout, etc)....today was cruiser day...got a late start this afternoon thanks to runnin Easter errands for the wife....

Oil Change (1gal mobil1 10/40, one gallon 15/50...making a summer blend)

Coolant flush (3x with distilled water)
Large radiator hoses
inspect the PHH and small hoses(what a pain....gonna give it ago on a later date...its still in good shape) have the silicone kit in the truck just in case
clean out the puke tank(overflow bottle)
2 gallons of toyo red and rest distilled water

Ghetto washer bottle relocation with homemade aluminum brackets

91-92 battery tray installed (Thanks CDan)

Gear oil change front and rear (tcase has mobil 1 in for about 5k, so its good)

retorqued the 24 lugnuts that the :censor: numbnuts used an impact gun on when i went for a rotate and balance last week(even though the ticket said to hand spin em on....fawkers)...I woulda rotated em myself, but i had one outta balance(threw a 1/2 oz weight)

Ran out of daylight at that point. Will try to crank in some grease to the ujoints and birfs tomorrow.

I gotta figure out how to make my arm bend like a snake to do the PHH......it dont bend like that yet....Now its :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: time

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