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Mar 16, 2011
Hi Guys

Im new to this forum so please excuse me if this topic had already been discussed but I couldnt find it in the search.

I have a HZJ79 series well back and on a recent trip offroading I did a water crossing (bumper level) and had my cooling fan strike the radiator puncturing it. Ive attached a picture below after it was repaired. Really makes me a bit nervous doing a long trip out in the bush with the chance of this happening.

I managed to get back into town using up all my supply of water since with the radiator puncture it was consuming 3 liters of water every 20km roughly.

Is this a common problem in the landcruiser 79 series with the 1HZ and is there a way to rectify the problem so it wont happen again.

To repair the radiator I had to crimp and seal off 5 lines. Will this cause some overheating as well.



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Hi All:

Hey Crazylanken, sorry to hear about the damage! :frown:

Bumper-deep water crossing is not too severe, but I have heard about plastic fan blades distorting and hitting the radiator.

Does the plastic engine fan on your 1HZ have a (fan) clutch, allowing some slippage? If so I've heard of people tieing-off this type of fan before doing water crossings to prevent potential damage to the radiator.

3 litres of coolant loss in 20 KMs? That is not bad at all! I had a top seam go on the radiator in a FJ40 and it went through water like crazy; had to stop and let the engine cool down (and re-fill the radiator) about every kilometer!! :eek:

I would have to assume that crimping-off 5 lines in the radiator will affect its cooling ability, so perhaps install a replacement and keep this one as a back-up part?

Good luck!

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Fan blades flexing into the rad...

You were in deeper water than just your bumper, judging by that. And you were probably revving your engine a fair bit too.

Fan clutch should disengage to prevent that. Do you have a clutch or fixed fan in your truck?

Aug 22, 2003
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Find a tarp or piece of canvas to wrap over the front end. As long as it comes down far enough and you keep moving, it should prevent the fan from sucking itself into the radiator.

I believe there companies in Australia that make products specifically for this purpose.

This method should be easier than tying off the fan or removing it.

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