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Feb 8, 2008
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Anybody have any ideas for new cards...the old ones (I still have some) are out of date and have the wrong information on them.
I'll be glad to buy them, but I want to know if we keep the same logo or go with something all new.
I think I can fond the old logo on my old computer. If so I will post it so everyone can see.
It was on the front of my shirt at the meeting at Greg's.
I still have some stickers, also with the same logo on them, that only have Lowcountry Land Cruisers on them, so they are still good.
I meant to have them at the meeting, but forgot, my apologies.
If it's the same logo that is on the sticker, I kinda like it as is... Is the name of the club still Low Country Land Cruisers?
post a pic when you fiind them. I'd like to buy a sticker or two (if I qualify) next time I can make a meeting.

I actually left one of my own business cards on a green -40 parked on O'hear in old N Charleston today. * I'll go back to get a pic and post in Cruiser Spottings as well.
The layout and two-sides of the SwampFox cards were nice. Half of the time Low Country is two words, other times it's one word, Lowcountry or LowCountry. I have no preference, just throwing it out there.
Yes' Jeremy, its the same pic.
Land Cruiser, Land cruiser is the same way,
It doesn't matter to me, we just need to be consistent.
We had 2 sided cards, also...I would guess the same designer...
Still easy and cheap with vista print.
Low Country Land Cruisers... It's a title, so all words are acceptable capitalized. Plus, aesthetically, it looks more consistent with a Capital "L" Capital "C" Capital "L" and Capital "C". My $0.02 :cheers:
Abbreviated for me
I have the stickers at my house if anybody wants to run by or meet me somewhere in Mt. P.
I liked the idea of the Swamp Fox cards that said "Sweet land cruiser! join us" on the back. Do these have something like that? I see too many cruisers that I could put these on!

What are the next steps to combine Swamp Fox and Low Country?
Ours have "nice land cruiser"
We can still do that....I would really like to get a website up first, so we can put that info on there.
The forum should change it's URL, but we can reference it on the website when its done.
I can build the site unless anyone is opposed?
Basically I think I would build a layout first and then add any content that you guys have.
So I went ahead and created a layout and put some ideas for additional pages. Please note that the color scheme and icons would change but thought i should try and stick with the navy blue in the logo. Shall I proceed??? Again....this is all just filler text, colors and icons.

I will hold off until I hear back from someone....

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1424299159.402384.jpg
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I like it so far...can you get
we already have an email set up at
scottjohnson set it up, I can get the password from him so I/we can access it.
By the way, that's what the logo and the sticker look like. {beaudiddy}
Sounds good. I should already have the domain reserved. So far everything is only $4 a month. I used the logo but took off the UC part on the side ;)

I'll keep working in spare time and will keep the group updated. Can you start a thread for website feedback and ideas? I will post everything there. Thanks.
Looking good there, Matt! Very nice work, sir!
I didn't notice, but that is the old logo. The new one is very similar, but a little lighter and w/out the uc logo.
You can see under the 40 between the tires. not a lot of difference, though.
I will start another thread for the website.
We will, it just takes time.
Just sent in a request
Anybody else want to be a moderator...I put southerncruiser62 on instead of trollhole,
And requested a name change

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