Burnt rubber smell after alignment?

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Jun 26, 2018
Portland, OR
I had the steering rack and radiator replaced as detailed in another thread, and the shop that did the work sent it to a Les Schwab tire shop for the alignment. That alignment wasn't successful as the wheel was canted to one side so took it back for them to try again. They actually still didn't get it straight but this time when I got it back there was a heavy smell of what seemed like burning rubber or similar, near the front passenger side wheel. It dissipated after a few days but I can still smell it after driving and two other non-car people have both asked me what the smell is. My concern is a wire or hose got crimped somehow, but so far I can't find anything obvious.

I did take it to the repair shop who did the rack and radiator but they seemed more interested, understandably, in having the tire shop that did the alignment correct it. I plan to take it back to them but in the meantime does anybody have any suggestions on what could possibly have happened during the alignment to cause this or what areas should I look closer at?
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