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Mar 17, 2008
Tulare Ca.
We are having a garage sale tomorrow at Burls House in Visalia. Sorry don't know the street # but it is about 5 houses west of Demeree on Evergreen.

There will be lots of tools , camping gear.
Mar 17, 2008
Tulare Ca.
HUGE HUGE Garage Sale

Sat., Nov. 1 ONLY

7am - 4pm

3822 W. Evergreen Ave., VISALIA

X St. is Demaree

This is not your typical garage sale. This is actually more like an estate sale as this is decades and decades of accumulated items.

This is a woodworkers, campers and auto mechanics DREAM Sale. Just to give you a hint of an idea. Most people have one router, one sander, one tent, a few screwdrivers, etc. He had multiples of EVERYTHING so there is just TONS upon TONS of stuff. There is so much that we are going to be selling most everything quite inexpensively.

In addition to what you see in the pics, here is just some of what we’ll have for sale in the mornin’:

Tons and Tons of Woodworking tools, etc.
Camp stoves
Sleeping Bags
Camping Cookware
Fishing Gear
Air Mattresses
Air Pumps
Board Games
Car Waxer/Polishers
Bungi Cords
Automotive Tools
Brand New (never opened or used) Yard Pond + Liner

That is just off the top of my head. There is so much more than what I’ve listed. If you want to see some of the photos look for our ad on Craigslist.

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