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Dec 3, 2004
Atlanta, GA
Hello All
The following are a whole bunch of Misc fj40 parts that I have collected and need to get rid of.
Most of the parts will fit a 71-78 fj40
Let me know if you’re interested in anything.
I do have a paypal account that can be used to get these items.
Prices are listed below and do not include shipping

Steering Wheel (has some ware marks & scuffing): $30 SOLD
Shifter boot (has two small holes in the rubber):$3
Transmission boot (one pin hole in it, otherwise in great cond) $10 SOLD
Front Heater for a '68-'73 fj-40 (it has been primed and painted, no rust, works great): $50
Steering Colum w/ covers & ignition key: $25
Steering Colum w/ cover, ignition key, turn signal assembly & wheel: $60
Rearview mirrors (backs are scuffed up, but arms are good) $7
Rearview mirror arms only: $3
Late model side mirror arm: $10
Late model side mirrors (never used) $10 SOLD
Aftermarket side mirror & arm: $18
Early model side mirror arm w/ mirror: $20 SOLD
Windshield knobs: $4 each SOLD
Windshield hood bumpers (late model) $5 for set SOLD
Windshield hood bumpers (for early model) have ware: $2 for set SOLD
Late model gas doors: $7 each
Windshield was nozzle (late model): $3
Brake pedal pads (new): $2 each SOLD
Tire carrier latch (late model?): $7 SOLD
Tire carrier hook (late model?): $8
Radio antenna holder: $1
Front "Toyota" grill emblem (needs paint, but in good shape): $6 SOLD
Rear "Toyota" body emblem (great shape): $15 SOLD
Apron "Toyota Landcruiser Emblem" they are the metal ones (few scratches that can be buffed out): $15 each SOLD
Passenger side door handle (chrome ok): $4
Early model door interior door handles (great shape): $7 each
Front door & rear stops: $3 each
Steel white wheels (great shape): $35 each
FJ-40 Drum break axles (from a '71) that have been sandblasted, primed and painted: $300 for pair
1971 FJ-40 Tub (has been sandblasted and primed) has areas where rust was taken out. Over all the cowel and back half of the tub are in good shape $175
Frame from '71 fj40: It has been sandblasted, primed and painted. Only problem in one of the rear braces was cut out due to previous owner welding something to it: $450 obo
71 FJ40 Parts 069.jpg
71 FJ40 Parts 064.jpg
71 FJ40 Parts 071.jpg
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Apr 12, 2006
Concord, CA
Hey huston -

I'm interested in the following:
Early model side mirror arm w/ mirror: $20
Windshield knobs: $4 each (if not already spoken for)
Brake pedal pads (new): $2 each
and maybe
Apron "Toyota Landcruiser Emblem" they are the metal ones: $15 each

PM sent.
Dec 3, 2004
Atlanta, GA
Hello Scott
The steering wheel came of of a '71, so it will fit. There are not cracks in it, just some scuff marks from use. PM me with your zip and I can figure out shipping if your still interested in it.

Interested in the steering wheel if it'll fit a 71 column and has no cracks in it.
Apr 5, 2006
I'll take the new mirror heads, the new brake pedal pads (if not sold above), and the later model windshield bumpers.

I know you had a big list before, so I'll ask... I'm looking for a late model hazard light switch and knob.

PM with a total with shipping to 95037 and you email addy (I probably have it...).
Feb 10, 2008
chester, va
hey huston53 i got some knobs from u in the past well i gotta list to see if u would sell to me i need coolant and wiper reservoir bottles in good condition, all the hoses defrost etc for the heater box, and the following dash knobs, head lights, hazard, wiper wash, fan pull, fresh pull, and cigarette lighter if possible the knobs i got from u before were greatly cleaned up thanks again, these parts are for a 74 fj40 by the way thanks,

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