Bunch-o-LX450 parts

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Jun 27, 2006
San Diego
United States
Let me preface this by saying that I'm the biggest packrat. I really don't want to sell any of this but I realize how stupid that is. I've tried to search and price stuff accordingly. I'm not interested in shipping anything. So let's say that local pickup or catching me at or on the way to CM07 are the only options. These are all off of my '97 LX which is champagne with tan interior.

Front bumper $100
Running boards w/ all trims $100
Stock panhards $25 @
Sways w/all brackets to frame $50@
Coils $100/4
Shocks $25/4
Tow hitch $100 *SOLD*
Stock transfer "skid" $0
Stock cat heat shield $0
Stock rear upper control arms $25
Stock front control arms $200
U-joints both rear NIB $70

Have I forgotten anything?

Lastly, what I really don't want to get rid of, rear jump seats w/ all bracketry & belts in basically perfect condition (except the telltale seatbelt impression) $350
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I think around $50 @. I bought them from Beno a few months ago for $65 before deciding to have a new rear DS built. If you're interested let me know. I thought it was $70 so I'll do them for $65 as well.
When you are getting to Moab and how many miles on the stock front arms (or how many miles on the rubber bushings if they are newer?
When you are getting to Moab and how many miles on the stock front arms (or how many miles on the rubber bushings if they are newer?
Should arrive early Tue. eve. and 102K miles. Although my rig was meticulously maintained by PO I doubt that the bushings have ever been changed.

Just to clarify - stock receiver hitch which mounts under the rear bumper?
Still available? If so, I'm interested. There are a few club members headed to CM that could bring it back for me.

Let me know.

Yes, you are correct and I still have it.
Hi...how nice are the running boards and front bumper?


I can pickup!
The front bumper looks good for 100K miles (normal small chips) I can get a closeup pic after work. The running boards are in real good shape.
3-6-07 003.jpg
3-6-07 001.jpg
3-6-07 004.jpg
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Interested in the coil springs.
Would you take $100.00 shipped to 95821???
Unfortunately with CM07 right around the corner, I just don't have the time for shipping right now.
Gettin' close to last call if anyone's interested in picking something up at CM07. Let me know.

do you still have the rear upper control arms. if how much with shipping to 89014

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