Bumpstop motion ratio

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Mar 21, 2012
Doing some research into certain things and wondering if anyone knows the ifs motion ratio for the strit travel to bumpstop point?
I don't know the math, but I installed some cheap bump stops from Wheeler's Off Road and they work to keep my tire from hitting the top of the wheel well. The rubber part is about 3x the amount of the stock ones, but only 2x taller. They are softer than the stock ones too.

Couldn't find my install pics, but here's a video
I will be running timbrens as i have them in the rear but i need to know what size spacer i need as i need to account for a 10mm longer closed strut length
Don't know of an exact way to measure it. Probably have to do some trial and error and video it like the guy in the 4R above or figure out a way to cycle the suspension without flipping over your truck (jack up lower control arm while holding frame level to the ground).

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