Bumper upgrades

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Jul 26, 2016
Santa Rosa California
I have a '90 fj62 in relatively good condition. I am looking to upgrade my bumpers from stock to a better off-road option. I have been looking at lots of different bumpers such as arb bullbars, tlc and 4 plus bumpers etc. I was wondering what you guys would recommend as the best in your opinion. ( I would like to be able to add a winch later on). Thank you.
I think you should get in touch with Trail Tailor (reevesci). His custom bumper work looks awesone. Check him out!!
X2 and his level of customer service is second to none, couldn't be happier with the stuff he has built for me, need to update my build thread since his parts are sloowly making their way onto my truck......
Hard to beat Daves 4 plus stuff. I have a ARB front and 4 plus rear
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4 Plus and Trail Tailor both build fantastic products.

ARB is also quality but is mass production without customization. The ARB bumper will also be significantly lighter. This is good or bad depending on your Cruiser goals. It will be more likely to deform when bashing rocks or trees. I've also found that by the time a 60 is fully armored with front and rear bumpers, quarter guards, swing outs, sliders, and burly skid plate; it becomes too heavy to be used as a daily driver unless the engine is also upgraded with a V8 or diesel. Every modification is a trade off. For every gain, there will be a compromise. So plan well.
I have the ARB in front and a Reevesci in back. Could not be happier.
So many choices, but there is some form / function decisions. Are you really going to wheel this rig hard, or is it more for the look and light wheeling? This will help determine how heavy duty of a bumper you need. Seen many a bent ARB from hard wheeling.

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