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Oct 16, 2009
happy valley Provo,UT
so after driving around town for months with nothing on the front of my rig it was finally time to build a custom bumper. here are a few pics of the process and the final deal. p.s. if you like it i'll make you one.
bumper build 2010

so i wanted this thing to be beefy and all about business. its 1/4 plate with the attachment points and additional gussets out of 3/8 stock. this thing turned out bomber.
yeah bumpers really do fix everything. prolly going for a winch. not sure about a huge bull bar or anything- i like the clean lines and low profile look.
Thats actually a really simple clean and beefy front bumper. Prob didn't cost you much either. Might have to copy that.
That looks great, I love the low profile style. How would a winch version look?

just be careful about pimping out junk without a star
my plans for a winch on this is just a simple top mount. on my mock up i did have s large area cut out so you could put the winch down inside the bumper with the fairlead coming out the front. that would also mean i would need to put a lower plate across the bottom to mount the winch to.
If you have four to part out I will take a pedal assembly, clutch master, hard line, bellhousing, flywheel and other small parts for a manual conversion off of your hands. Let me know.

I'm in Bountiful.

Nice bumper BTW, similiar to mine.
Just to keep this going, here is the bumper I built.

The winch supporting parts are 1/4 while the skin or bumper part is 3/16. The clevis mounts are 6 inches long and fully welded. The top surface is hurculined.

I really like your recovery point, it is different but super accessible.

If you don't want me crowding your thread I will edit this post BTW.
bumper add on

so here is the latest mod to my bumper. we threw on some beefed up plates with some bolts tacked on, and finished it with a rubber bushing so this thing bolts on solid! no vibrating.

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