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bummed - vent

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by loeky, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. loeky


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    Mar 24, 2005
    san francisco
    hey guys -

    man, sometimes people just really piss me off. yesterday i came back from work by way of train and pick up my truck only to look through the window to find all the stuff riffled through and the passenger rear window [it's a 60] broken out. instantaneous fit of cussing and general hissy fit ensuses.

    the f'ers took my rear truck bag with extra parts and general crap like oil and such - not such a big deal. the real bummer was that they took all my climbing gear - shoes, harness, belay device and clothes. in addition to all that my XM radio was taken as well. g o d d a m n i t.

    sure, they could have ripped the interior all to hell and really done some costly damage by forcing replacements parts, but what had been done was enough of a pisser. luckily the window only cost $150 installed.

    what i didn't pay much attention to that morning was the derilict homeless van parked across the road that didn't have any plates and was obviously a crackhead's. my only revenge was to call the police and have the van towed. being that there are many other people parking at the train station, it's rediculous to let homeless people [most of them crackheads] camp like that.

    next steps:
    i'm looking to get a tuffy center console for essential junk as well as looking at an alarm, just something that makes noise, but hopefully doesn't go off all the time. any opions about this?

    also, i'm going to start looking for a lockable something or other like a tuffy box for the rear of the truck to keep stuff like, say, gym junk and things in that is resists intrusion while away from the truck. not huge, say 2x1x1 or so. let me know if you know of any cool options. i would obviously be bolting it to the rear bed somehow.

    that is all.
  2. Jman


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    Feb 20, 2003
    If ya don't know, I ain't tellin'
    I live in an urban environment, there are only two things that I have found that works:

    1. Don't keep anything in your truck that you don't want stolen.

    2. Tuffy consoles rock--since I got mine, nothing has "gone missing."

    Sorry for your pain, but that's life in the big city.